Wednesday 2 June 2021

Perth Mint Unallocated bullion purchase - May

My second monthly savings plan deposit (I increased the amount from $100/mo to $200/mo in May) went across to my Perth Mint online depository account on the 15th May. The scheduled bullion purchases ($100 each of gold and silver) were automatically processed at the close of business pricing on the 1st business day of June.

This month 0.040 troy ounces of gold were purchased for A$99.29 (including the $0.50 transaction fee), and 2.682 troy ounces of silver were purchase for A$100.00 (including the $0.50 transaction fee).

Total unallocated bullion holding are now:

gold: 0.083 troy ounces

silver: 2.682 troy ounces

The residual A$1.07 cash balance will carry towards next month's bullion purchases.

In my monthly NW calculations my bullion holdings are split into two components - the bullion value of my proof gold coin collection is recorded under 'other assets' and is probably undervalued as these proof coin sets were limited qty and generally have higher numismatic value than bullion value.

My Perth Mint bullion holding is valued at the spot bid price at the end of the month, and is currently included in my geared share portfolio valuation (I included it there as the first month was only $100 sitting in the cash account pending the first bullion purchase). I might remove it from the share portfolio calculation and add it to my gold coin collection next month, so that all my 'bullion' holdings are grouped together in my monthly NW reporting.

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