Thursday 1 April 2021

Net Worth: MAR 2021

My monthly NW estimate has been updated in NetWorthShare for the end of March. 

Stocks and fund investments gained a bit overall this month, although it was quite a choppy month with concerns about the inflationary impacts of all the stimulus measures vying with the economic stimulus impacts of all the stimulus measures. I used $20K from my 'portfolio loan' line-of-credit to invest in Microequities Asset Management's Value Income Fund, which had no net impact on my NW. Overall my 'stock portfolio' increased by $6,859 (2.09%) to $334,956.

Our estimated house price for March (my half) increased by $10,365 (1.23%) to $852,476. The strength in the housing market continues to increase, but is concentrated in certain suburbs/regions and more in free-standing homes than units/apartments. Not sure how things will be looking by the time my 'off the plan' apartment  construction is completed and I have to 'settle' the purchase in Q2 2023. 

The value of my retirement savings rose significantly during March, to $1,348,789 (up $41,118 or 3.14%). Hopefully I will be able to reach the TBC (currently $1.6m but increasing to $1.7m from 1 July this year) by the time I turn 65 and can transfer up to the TBC out of accumulation phase (where the tax rate is 15%) to retirement phase (where the tax rate is 0%) without having to 'retire'. Any amounts above the TBC will remain in accumulation phase. Part of the TBC might be used to fund the purchase of a deferred annuity to insure against longevity risk.

Overall, my NW reached $2,834,372 by the end of March - up by a healthy $58,617 (2.11%).

Months where my NW increases by almost my annual take-home pay seem quite surreal. But it isn't so much fun when the movement is in the other direction (like in 2008). Looking at the long term chart helps keep the ups and downs in perspective.

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