Monday 6 June 2016

Diet & Exercise update - Week 14

A mixed week. My average caloric intake was improved by my new 'gluten free' dietary requirements precluding most of the confectionery I used to have trouble avoiding, so I only ate slightly more than my diet plan on two days during the past week. However my average daily step count was slightly below target due to torrential rain over the weekend, which limited my walking to doing 'laps' of the local shopping mall. On Sunday afternoon I had a flat tyre and spent and a couple of hours in the rain (trying to change to flat, and then waiting for the NRMA to come and do it for me when I got stuck with the flat off and the spare not fitting on because I had the jack in the wrong spot!) rather than going to play squash. Ah well, at least I got some exercise jacking up the car and manhandling the flat and spare tyres! I also didn't do any 5BX sessions, so my goal this week is to hit my target step count every day, and to start doing my daily 5BX sessions.

.             Fibre      Carbs    Fat     Protein    kCals     Avg Wt   Steps
              g/dy       %        %       g/dy       /dy       kg       /dy
Week 10       31.3       59.6     24.1     98.4      2,436     94.7     11,811
Week 11       39.2       65.6     18.4    102.9      2,752     95.0      9,196
Week 12       38.6       65.2     17.1    106.5      2,570     94.2     11,751
Week 13       35.6       64.5     18.8    102.5      2,789     93.9     12,589
Week 14       40.8       61.8     22.3     90.6      2,514     92.4      9,721 

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