Sunday 8 May 2016

Diet & Exercise: Lost, bought and undercounting

My parent's asked me to buy a flat pack bed at Aldi for them, so I then had to man-handle it through the shopping center to 'borrow' a shopping trolley from Coles supermarket to get it to my car, and struggle to squeeze it into the lift and then into the back of my car. Somewhere along the way my activity tracker had been dislodged from my shirt pocket, and after a fruitless search retracing my steps through the shopping center I had to buy a replacement one at Aldi. Oh well, at least it was a $37 Aldi version, and not a more expensive Fitbit flex.

After DS2 had finished his Judo lesson I went for a half hour walk while DS2 was doing his Judo lesson, and I took the boys ten-pin bowling as part of his DS2's celebrations. I had expected that two games of bowling would record a few steps - maybe 24x2x3 = 150 paces - but after downloading the chart shows total inactivity during the hour we were bowling. So apparently the few steps taken at a time are insufficient to trigger to pedometer counter. I'll look up the METS and work out a 'step equivalent' value for a couple of games of bowling. My total step count for the day was a bit low as I was feeling a bit sick when I got home in the evening and didn't go for my evening walk.

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