Tuesday 4 November 2014

Net worth: October 2014

The stock market rebounded, so pretty much the opposite happened compared with last month -- my superannuation account balance was up, my geared stock portfolio was up, and, uncorrelated but still welcome, the valuation for our house was up (along with the rest of Sydney real estate it seems). So, overall, my net worth was up by a fairly massive $57,607 (3.70%) during October.

Next month is likely to be much less impressive, even if the stock market continues to do well, as there aren't any more monthly employer superannuation contributions due until next January, and I will be paying the $32,000 tax bill due on the 21st. So I'll be pleasantly surprised if my NW manages to break through $1.65M by the end of 2014, and if things go really well I might become a 'multi-millionaire' (with the bare minimum $2M) sometime during 2017. Just goes to show how little a million dollars really is worth these days.

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1MansMoney said...

Very impressive month! That's our net worth increase for the year.