Monday 14 February 2011

First fish tank fatality

I did a fish count when I turned on the tank light after getting home from work and found one dead neon tetra and only two live ones. I can't find the fourth neon tetra, so I assume the body is wedged someone amongst the bogwood, plants and gravel. The Siamese fighting fish looks happy enough, and after searching for a while I spotted the pearl gourami dozing in a cavern under the bogwood. He eventually woke up with the light turned on, and was eating flake food with gusty, so he/she also seems OK for the moment. The tiny bristlenose pleco can't be seen, but I only spotted him by luck yesterday when the tank was clearer, so he's probably just hiding underneath some of the bogwood.

The filter outlets weren't flowing when I got home, so I removed the extra activated charcoal I'd put into the filter tray as I suspect the white filter wool pressing against the drip tube holes had made them clog up sooner than normal. I also did a 10% water change, and will change another 10% every day for the first week until the tank 'cycles' and starts to clear.

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