Tuesday 17 November 2009

Swimming pool maintenance

I finally finished installing our new pool fencing and safety gates last weekend, so it was time to get the pool cleaned up and start swimming again. The old candle filter was on it's last legs, so we decided to replace it with a new sand filter. The pump had also been performing poorly, but that turned out to be easy to fix -- there was a small tree nut stuck in the impeller! Tomorrow my dad will find out if the old salt chlorinator can be repaired with a new electrode, or if we need to replace the whole unit. If it needs replacing I may defer the capital expense and continue using chlorine granules until next year. The new pool filter cost around $1,000, which isn't too bad as it has a ten year guarantee (and should last longer). Unlike the candle filter, which required new diatomaceous earth every couple of months, the sand filter only requires regular back-washing. Apparently the sand will need replacing in about ten years time.

Next weekend I'll work on building the new sandstone steps leading down from the pool area to the newly enclosed play area. Once that is done I can finish levelling the play area, lay new turf and assemble the kids play set/gym. Oh, and put up the Christmas lights ;)

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Flare said...

Before replacing your chlorinator, you may want to read this article, http://www.rowetel.com/blog/?p=38. I'll be looking at doing this next year

enoughwealth@yahoo.com said...

I don't think I'll go that route - to keep algae under control I just add a coupe of dollars worth of copper sulphate solution every month during summer. At $450 the floatron looks like a very expensive way to put copper ions in the water.

I only run the filter for 1-2 hours per day to keep the pool clear, and the new model salt chlorinator I may buy only runs when the water is flowing. That said, it's important to keep chlorine levels up to the level required to disinfect the water, not just to kill algae and make the water 'look' clean.

At the moment we're still fiddling with the old salt chlorinator to see if we can get it running again. If not I may just use chlorine tablets in my floating dispenser plus liquid chlorine for this swimming season.

Pools Saint John said...

I agree - the best thing about having a pool is using it when you want to. The idea of cutting maintenance has to be a good thing as there is more to life than swimming pool maintenance.