Sunday 5 July 2009

Net Worth Update: June 2009

My net worth as at 30 June had increased a little (up $2,898, or +0.45% for the month) to $646,571.

My retirement account gained $5,440 (+2.05%) to $270,511, and the estimated valuations for my half of our real estate assets (house and investment property) were up $8,969 (+1.18%) to $766,806). My employers superannuation contributions for April-June should be processed in July, which will boost next months NW figure a bit.

However, much of these gains were offset by a drop in the value of my leveraged stock portfolio down by -$11,558 for the month to have a net value of -$27,716. The stock market losses were exaggerated by some of the margin loan interest for the 2009/10 financial year being capitalised during June.

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