Tuesday 19 May 2009

A dollar spent is a calorie burned?

The past couple of years haven't seen much progress towards my goals of increased net worth and reduced weight. I think I can claim force majeur regarding my failure to reach my NW targets, but I have also failed to loose any weight over the past couple of years and that's entirely my fault.

I recently started taking prescription medication for high blood pressure (not that it seems to be doing much good so far), so I REALLY need to get serious about shedding 20-25 kg and getting down to my 'ideal weight' (based on BMI). I've managed to go 'cold turkey' and cut out all confectionery for the past week, but the trick will be to stick to my health eating plan from now on. Based on previous experience I'm better at sticking to my CRON (calorie restriction with optimal nutrition) diet plan if I also get into the habit of doing regular aerobic exercises.

The weather has been pleasant enough to go for a brisk 30 min walk every lunchtime for the past week, but I need to supplement that with some resistance training and add an aerobic exercises that I can do indoors at home in the evenings. So I bought a magnetic rowing machine at Aldi yesterday and will assemble it tonight. The machine only cost $199 and seems to be good quality, so it may work out to be good value in the long run. I had been thinking about making casual visits to the Gym at UTS (University of Technology, Sydney), but although I drive past UTS on the way home from work it doesn't have free parking nearby. Casual visits would cost around $10 each, so the rowing machine will 'pay for itself' if I use it regularly at home instead of going to the gym two or three times a week.

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Mr.Choice said...

Losing weight is a very good thing. Making money and losing weight sounds like a great idea.