Monday 2 June 2008

Networth Update: May 2008

May showed gains in my stock and retirement accounts, but a drop in the valuations of our property portfolio more than offset the gains and I ended the month down (-0.32%) for the month, to $1,069,041:

Property valuations -$14,527 (-1.71%) to +$834,700
Mortgage loans..... -$...776 (-0.21%) to -$365,744
Retirement accounts +$.2,539 (+0.84%) to +$306,389
Stocks & other..... +$.7,805 (+2.73%) to +$293,696
TOTAL NW........... -$.3,407 (-0.32%) .+$1,069,041

My monthly retirement contribution for May (around $4,200) isn't showing in this month's figures as the employer contribution hasn't appeared in my SMSF bank account yet. Hopefully all of this FY contributions will be deposited into our SMSF bank account by 30 June, otherwise it may create problems with next year's superannuation tax. My SGL and salary sacrifice total in close to the $50,000 annual concessional contribution limit, so if some of this FY contributions were deferred until next FY it could push next year's total over the limit, and incur an extra 30% tax of the surplus amount.

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