Saturday 20 October 2007

Site Review: is a website offering information to U.S. consumers with "bad credit" on how to find the best available credit offers. While this sort of information is helpful for those who need to rebuild their credit rating by obtaining credit, using it responsibly (ie. only charge normal monthly expenditure), and paying it off in full each month. there is always the danger that those with "bad credit" would continue to misuse any credit they did obtain, and thereby just dig themselves deeper into debt. The main page prominently features images of a big house and a fast, red sportscar - hardly the images of sensible use of credit by those in debt! However, the site does offer some useful content for those with "bad credit" issues - such as credit counselling services and how to obtain a report of current credit ratings. All in all, this site is dynamite. While it offers information and resources that can be extremely valuable to connsumers with bad credit, it could also lead to further debt problems if used unwisely. Handle with care.s

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Anonymous said...

I just visited that site and quickly found something which should be unacceptable to anyone, and especially to a PF blogger.

In the personal loan section, there are several offers presented, each one allowing the user to "click for details and sign-up form."

Unfortunately, when I clicked on one, I got an application form, with NO details whatsoever. No terms, no contact info, nothing - just an application.

That is utterly bad, uh, form. said...

To follow up on your comment I clicked on the "click for details and sign-up form" link of the first of the personal loan suppliers listed (HFC). The page that came up was a sign-up form (no surprise there), and it gave brief details ie. that an agent would contact you to proceed further if you filled in the form. There was a link called "Terms and Conditions" at the top of the page. And there was contact info ("Need Assistance? (800)340-7866") in bold red text on the application page also. I therefore think that your comment is unsubstantiated.

Anonymous said...

I'm talking about the third one, Fast Cash Advance Now. The first two are well-known reputable finance companies (HFC/HSBC and Beneficial) and I'm sure they post their terms online. Besides, both of them require homeownership, which immediately lost my interest.

Anonymous said...

Also, I just checked out the last two options (#4 and #5), and 123onlinecash, and they don't provide any info on terms or rates, because they use a "network" of lenders with whom an individual might or might not qualify. Which means you have to give them your info before you have any clue as to the terms or rates. This, also, I consider unacceptable. But I bet the terms and rates are absolutely horrible.

Another thing - they make it a hassle to contact them, you have to use a form, and there is no phone contact provided. So you can forget about getting a quick answer to a question.