Tuesday 1 August 2006

Money for blogging?

While blogging about wealth creation, it's natural to ponder the possibility of making some revenue at the same time. When I joined blogger.com I was offered a sign-up to Google adsense. Theoretically, when lots and lots of people start reading this blog, some will click on the google ad links, and I'll get paid a pittance.

So far? In 12 days I recorded 30 page views, with a *huge* spike of 8 hits the day after I mentioned this blog in a post to mymoneyblog. However, there hasn't been a single click yet, and while google doesn't advertise the payment rate I expect it's in the order of cents per THOUSAND clicks, so I certainly won't be getting get rich that way ;)

However, there are lots of other methods that *could* earn revenue from a blog - see How to Make Money with Your Blog Site for some of them.

Over time, I may try some of the ideas from this blog and see if any of them work in practice!

Meantime, the most important thing will be to blog something that is interesting enough for you to come back regularly and read ;)

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